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If you are a mid to senior-level public sector official or a new city manager, ELEVATED DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTS can assist in tackling your career goals, helping you solve complex problems, and developing yourself as a leader. Through our executive coaching program, we will develop a framework for you to harness your individual talent to achieve a higher level of performance over a series of one-on-one sessions.


If you or your organization is in the middle of solving a complex problem or about to tackle a new project, ELEVATED DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTS can help. ELEVATED DEVELOPMENT CONCEPTS has proven experience in tackling issues in growing and shrinking cities. Services provided include addressing a host of urban challenges such as: labor relations/collective bargaining, organizational development, talent development, succession planning, community-based policing, asset-based/community development, capital and operating budget planning, performance management, and more. We can help you solve complex and “wicked” problems by providing concrete steps and implementable solutions.


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